Feature request: extend the code colour to strings in [[ ]] and comments in --[[ --]]

I would love it if the code colouring that turns comment lines prefixed with – green would also work on large swathes of text encapsulated in --[[ --]] . Also with the red string colouring for " ", it would be grand if it worked on [[ ]] as well. This way irrelevant code highlighting would turned off, and it might be faster to scroll - I’ve got a lot of numbers in my text data and it is noticeably slower to scroll past when the numbers are all lit up.

I also saw talk of viewable text storage in http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/1075/feature-request-project-data-pseudo-files#Item_3 which would also address my text data issue.

Edit: the multi line comment issue is on the issue tracker, and I have made one for strings.