Farseer Physics Engine

Hey TLL,have you guys considered using Farseer Physics for Codea?It is based on Box2D(which Codea is using).But has alot more features.Its completely free for comercial use.Considering its also based on Box2D,I think re-implementing it won’t be a tough task.It is also 20% faster than Box2D,so you should keep that in mind because Codea tends to slows down if it draws many physics body especially complex polygons.You could check it out here:

But anyways,Codea is still perfect without it and thank you for creating Codea!

I’ve seen this before, I thought codea could possibly use a different physics engine because it can be quite slow on occasions, but its not too big a deal anyway as you can handle most of these scenarios pretty well as it is

Yeah I think you’re right