external spritedata

So - this is a kinda stopgap suggestion.

I can take a small .png and Base64 encode the data. And I can put that into Codea, and I can build that back into a string with the data for the .png as a binary blob. What I can’t do - I think - is feed that to sprite() (maybe I can? I have not tried hacking it much)

All else aside, if you made something like ‘sprite(“global:mycoolspritedata”)’ - where it got the data from the “mycoolspritedata” variable - that would be plenty of fun. Doubleplus good!

I think our solution to this will be to add an image class, similar to processing’s. Then we could add a constructor to image to use a binary blob. And images could be rendered with a drawImage command.

This would add a system for getting and setting individual pixels as well.

Yes, would love this. Canvas ops and blitting in general would be useful. It occurs to me that this could be an extension of the Sprite system so that it includes all the typical transforms. I would suggest considering replicating some of the HTML5 image operations and filter options.