Export shaders to (Forger) and (Blender)


Is it possible for the developer team to make a plugin for the the app(Forger) it’s iPad Sculpting app .
i found a read me file inside the app saying that you can make custom plugins for other softwares
so I was thinking it will be great if we can export shaders from (shade) to (forger).

Also if it can export to Blender it would be really cool.

I had a quick look at the Forger app’s feature list, website and forums but I couldn’t find any mention of it being possible to add custom shaders, which would be needed for Shade to export to it.

Blender it may be possible to write something, but I don’t think it would be all that simple since Blender has its own custom shader graph format, a different set of available nodes and different way of handling shading outputs. I’ll look into how involved this may be for Blender and get back to you.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

I will attach screenshots of the three different materials available in (forger)
Maybe you will figure out something from them.

Do you think maybe (Forger) team can use the readme file Of the custom plugins to make there app compatible with shade ?

@the7mirrors one of the things you can do with Shade is use it to “bake” textures generated from your node graph. “Baking” is when you take the node graph and generate different texture maps for each of the channels — Diffuse, roughness, metalness, and so on. You could take these textures and use them in Forger to replicate your material

At the moment (I think) you have to dig into the .shader bundle to get to these textures, we should add a way to export them