explodeyCraft: tool for exploding any craft model

This is basically @dave1707’s explosion code that I made into a self-contained function, and enhanced a little.

It it can be used on any craft entity you want, and it’s now got an un-exploding ability and an ability to dynamically change the speed of the explosion whenever you want.

The technique dave uses is really cool, but this may cause slowdown for some—dave came up with it a while ago, though, so it may not cause any trouble at all for modern devices.

Try it out and let me know!

Update: now submitted to @Steppers’s WebRepo

@UberGoober Thanks for the submission, I’ll take a look later and get it added to WebRepo :smile:

@UberGoober - like the slow motion re-build.

This should now be available though currently doesn’t launch correctly from within WebRepo due to the dependency. I should be able to handle it though with a bit of luck. Working on it now.

I’m also not quite sure what’s going on with the ship mesh. Is the mesh that’s exploding a sub mesh or something as it doesn’t quite look right?

@UberGoober All sorted now, an autoupdate should allow the dependencies to also load. The project WebRepo downloads has the dependency pre-setup so as long as the user has the Craft Cameras project downloaded it should now also launch just fine from within WebRepo.

@Steppers i know right?

If a model has submeshes I can’t get at that vertex information and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out a way to do it.

In another thread @John implied there was a roundabout way to “export submeshes with materials” it but he didn’t give an example and there you go.

Would love any ideas you have.

@UberGoober I’m in the UK (and it’s 1am here) so probably should be heading to bed but I can take a closer look at the project tomorrow. So far i’ve only run it without looking at the code.