Examples copyright

What are the copyrights of Codea included examples?
Lack of copyright notice might imply either full protection or copyleft depending on your local IP rights assumption.
Id’ like to start a project off one of the supplied examples so it’s an important question for me.

Which example?

@emsi, may be a license like that mentioned by @Reefwing?: DWTHYLWMCJDSM (Do What The Hell You Like With My Code Just Don’t Sue Me). It would be nice for everyone to have this issue cleared :-?


Actually each one I checked lacked copyright notice.
For me it makes little different if it’s GPL, BSD, Apache or Copyleft or DWTHYLWMCJDSM (sound like copyleft for me or PD). I just want to be compliant with it :wink:
Last but not least lack of copyright notice also leaves little room for attribution as I’m not sure who is the author.

There are several authors which is why I asked which examples you are interested in.

May be you can tell us something about your own examples, @Andrew_Stacey.

On the subject of the identity of authors and attribution, this appears to be recorded for each of the example projects - see ‘projects search’ on the Codea homepage, or print(readProjectInfo("Author")).

On the subject of licensing, the examples projects identified as authored by @Andrew_Stacey do record licence information in the code.

Thanks. Just a remark: In Fireworks-tab, in A. Stacey’s Anagrams (by the way: very nice program!), in that regard it reads “Licence: unknown”. Some other tabs say clear about a CC0 Licence.
Saludos desde México ~O)

I think the Fireworks code was authored and shared by someone on this forum. But no one recalls who.

The Fireworks code seems to have its origins in this past discussion.

Yeah… It seems, the author @Stavrogin never responded a Licence request from A. Stacey… :-?
Anyway, I think this type of issues must be cleared if some of us want to play in the “Great Leagues” :smiley:

Edit: It reads inside the document : “Firework effect by Javier Moral”. Is he, may be, (one of) the author(s)? #-O

For example Lua Jump lacks any copyright notice.

Last but not least: what about the graphics? May I use them in my commercial projects?

You can use the Lua Jump code however you wish (this applies to any example code written by me).

That’s generous. Thank you :slight_smile:

@Simeon, thanks. I’ve modified it just a bit, for my own Codea-learning, substituing the sprite with a png-image (the one of my account here) of my son and he is very happy to have an iPad game with him as the hero!
Thanks for making that possible.
Victor ~O)

Ive added a losing and scoring system to Luajump for my learning. This app is awesome simeon.

(Been on limited internet for a bit … back now)

Yes, I’ve tried to make my code as flexible as possible in terms of other people using it. There are a couple of places where I couldn’t put it into the public domain: the firework code was taken from someone else on the forum - Simeon and I figured that there would be no problem using it in an example project (as that’s somewhat of an honour!) and there shouldn’t be any problem using for your own private projects, but app-store stuff would need clarity there which we might not get. Some other code then I’ve adapted from other stuff: the BinDecHex was taken from elsewhere and the colour definitions ditto, so those inherit their licences from their parents and for those then I put my adaptations under the same licence for simplicity.

I would say that if anyone does use a substantial amount of my code for something for the app-store then I’d like to know about it. This is not a requirement, simply a request. For some of my projects then I have further ideas that I haven’t published (or maybe implemented) and I’d be happy to share those as well.

(For example, with the anagram code then I was thinking of getting round the firework code issue by integrating it with my flexible words code so that the words sort of washed away once solved.)

@Andrew_Stacey, excellent! Many thanks for your reply.
Victor ~O)