Educators who use Codea?

Hi everyone

We offer an Educational Volume Discount for Codea and as a result we often see small and large amounts of educational purchases being made. We have no way of knowing who made these purchases but we are curious as to who is using it and how they are applying it to their curriculums.

If any educators are frequenting the forum we would be happy to hear from you and any stories about your experiences with Codea.


John, there have been quite a few over the years, but I wouldn’t expect them to be regular forum users, so they won’t see your message.

Searching the forum for “teacher” will probably find most of them.

Hi John,
Im releasing this week a course on learning programming using Codea.
This is part of an strategy in Monterrey Mexico to engage young people and kids into programming by creating games.
In the case of the course im releasing, it covers how to build the PacMan step by step using Codea.
The kids endup with a very good version of the original game but the most important part is they start developing the logical thinking.
Im adding 2 additional games to the course: Amidar and Tetris and those two also are designes to take the student step by step in the process of analysis, design and finally construction of the game with Codea.
I think Codea is an awesome product but spanish speaking people is sufering a bit on getting documentation and samples. thats way i decided to build this course.
Im releasing an spanish and english version and will gladly send you a free access code to the course so you can take a look to it.
Finally, you can expect an increase on sales from Latam as im planning to push this course in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru to start.
I was the former North Latam Delivery Head for Wipro so inhave a strong network in those countries who can help to push the course and obviously Codea :slight_smile:
Can keep you posted on the progress if you want.
Best regards!

Hi @b23vno. That’s great to hear! The course you are developing sounds interesting, I’d love to have a look.

It looks as if a large chunk of Codea has been translated into Spanish on CrowdIn so we’ll have to look into how we can get that completed.


Just ran my first course in July for 9/10 year olds.

Unfortunately I was informed by Apple staff in their business group that I needed an education ID to buy in bulk.

Since I am a private educator I cannot easily get one of these here in Australia.

If this guy was blowing smoke then it would be great to know.


In reply to John’s question… my students (rising 10th graders) use Codea in a course I teach for 32 low-income inner-city kids each summer. The course is called Quantitative Reasoning; it’s basically an applied math course with particular applications to elections and methods of voting. We don’t have much time available for Codea, maybe 15-20% of our classes.

I will once again this year be using Codea with my grade 10 programming class, in Ottawa, Canada. Grade 10 is the first year we offer a computer science course, so most students have never programmed before.

I start out using the Tynker app and then transition over to Codea. We do:

  • variables
  • decisions
  • loops
  • procedures

We then work with a grade 3 class down the street and make iPad apps.
You can see the apps here:
You can see last years iTunesU course here: (

Hi @John,

We, Little Coder team, want to use Codea in our courses to teach kids in schools and during the school break camps how to code.

How we can get that offer of educators?



Hi @littlecoder

Your courses sound like a promising idea. Educational volume discounts are open to educational institutions with purchases of 20 or more units of a given app (if the developers makes the option available). Unfortunately I do not know any more about he application process. See more at this url:

HI John:
I just bought the CODEA from apple Store last night. I am starting to provide training courses for teenagers on how to program a computer.
Right now I am teaching Python, but as soon as I saw the Description about CODEA in Apple Store.

I am a math, physic and chemistry teacher for Junior High and High School students. I worked with Deloitte in Mexico and USA for 10 years, 8 and 2, respectively, and I quit to teach new generations.

Hope I find this easy to figure it out to then teach it to my young students.