Editor convenience ...

I find that often, when browsing code, I’ll use Find to find some method I want to look at. I browse a bit, then see some method, usually on a different class, that I want to look at. I double tap it and do Find. There it is. Now I know what I needed to know … and I want to go back. Two things might help with that.

First, a “go back” button that would leave Find alone, but take me back to the tab and line where I was before I tapped the Find list entry. To work nicely, that’s going to need to be a stack of some kind, I would guess.

Second, a pull-down or something in Find itself, containing a stack of things asked for in Find, so that it’s easy to re-Find things before.

If Codea 4 is two weeks away, well, maybe consider this for Codea 4. But if it’s rather far out still, maybe something like this could be done for Codea 3?


@RonJeffries - mentioned the go back option in find in a previous post. Also similar issue with drop downs from the menu bar staying present if you tap the editor screen. Normally you’d expect them to disappear back to the full editor screen but they don’t. So you can scroll the editor etc with them still present.

Also, recently I keep finding the insert point for text not where I expect it to be. For instance , part way through editing I need to look up in the reference. Find what I need and return to editing and would expect the cursor position to be where I left it. Not sure if it happens all the time but adding more text doesn’t always insert where I expect. I’ve seen it inserted on the top left of the tab and also outside the current function that I was editing. Anyone seen this behaviour?

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It happens to me when I’m using the magic keyboard, and it’s because sometimes I touch the trackpad and move the cursor. I think that’s the only time it happens to me, other than an accidental screen tap. I do not suspect a Codea problem, but there could be one of course.

I found a long running problem with the editor, which is that when you pull cursor and select more than one page for a long paragraph, we stop and drag the page up, then Press again where you left off and continue to drag cursor, which has reacted correctly in the past, but in many recent versions it has reacted differently when you want to drag it again, it will automatically scroll back to the top of the page, I don’t know if I said it clearly, Once your finger is off the screen, you can not continue with the selection?but here’s the video: