easy free 2D mesh creator

hello all,
the question is in the title : is there a free, simple ( so I don’t speak of Blender…) tool to build 2D meshes (no need 3D at the moment) and overall which is able to extract the mesh coordinates in order to use in Codea ? I’m searching this kind of tool for Mac on google for some time and I did not find anything… Thanks

What kind of images are you wanting to use meshes for?

I just want to built meshes to obtain the coordinates to introduce in Codea. Suppose I want to built a shape mesh based. I want to create it in the tool then extract the mesh vertices coordinates to create the same shape with Codea built-in mesh. Hope I’m clear. Thanks

Blender is probably your best bet, honestly. Just look a up a few tutorials and you’ll learn quickly.

Thank you. I have used Blender once and I know how to use it a little. But then, how do you extract the coordinates of all vertices ?

I use MeshLab and export it to PLY or X3D then use my importers to get the object into Codea. You can do something similar that way. Using PLY or X3D will write the raw coord values if you really need to know them. I don’t; I need my objects to render :slight_smile:

So the key are your importers. Are they free sources and if so where to find them ? Thanks

Why not just write what you need in Codea? If the wheel doesn’t yet exist, you can be the one to invent it.

Really I m not sure I can do that since I have no time nor the knowledge but thank for your confidence.

I just use pure code to make all my meshes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, and that’s what I will finally do too. But it’s hard to believe there is not a single and simple way to export very simple flat meshes to Codea, or at least obtain a list of the triangles of a mesh. But we’ll that’s already two days I search so… go for hard coding :))

actually, OBJ files are a simple way to get the coordinates of a mesh. You can export to OBJ from any common 3D modeler, and writing an OBJ import utility for Codea should be fairly simple.

@lostania if you are still interested, check http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/3441/manual-2d-mesh-creator

Thank you Jmv38 (by the way are not you french speaking ?.. Just an intuition from your nickname…). Fantastic work. I thought about something like this but with a snap to grid system to be sure to produce something regular. Finally I found a way to build my meshes and integrate them in Codea. I use the very simple wings3d and then export it as 3ds file then import it and reexport it as a directx .x file where vertices are already classed as triangles in order. Then I have built in Codea an import project that transform vertices so that the meshes can be displayed in Codea. I have not finished but it’s in good way and already usable as it. I have used many of your work. Thank you.