Dung It!

@RonJeffries - interested in your latest adventure, intriguing approach will follow your progress.

Loaded D1 but found background() missing so you overlay the room movement - nice effect but you miss the separation of the rooms.

I’m not sure what the problem was, can you explain further?

When I downloaded and imported the D1 file it installed without a background() command to clear between each graphics pass. Hence when run every iteration was drawn at once giving a 3D effect of the rooms. Adding background(0) produces the desired shifting of the rooms as desired. The missing line also means when you sit an image for the icon the c
Background of the icon is transparent.

I just downloaded and imported, I can’t think of any way the background() could have been deleted in doing that.

@Bri_G The background command is in one of the test functions, so when @RonJeffries runs the code, it probably gets executed for him.

@dave1707 - good point, thanks.

@RonJeffries - just a quick question on your approach - what is the ultimate format of your adventure text, 2d overhead, semi 3D or 3d. The latter 3 all need maps and directional controls. The first just needs a dialogue parser?

I’m assuming you are going down one of the last three options.

ah yes i see. will fix. i was thinking 2d overhead rogue like but one never knows what i might do. :slight_smile:

darn, forgot to fix that. next time.

@RonJeffries - further thoughts to consider with your adventure. Consider the available tools - for 2D mapped games you can use a map editor to design your map. An excellent Lua based editor is available, I think written in Love2D Lua - Tiled. This reduces coding in the production of the map and enables more focus on interactivity. Largely places the map creativity outside of the scope of the ‘game’. Nonetheless, the graphics and charisma of the game can largely depend on the graphics and ambience of the story involved.
There are many free Sprite sheets available to trial with.

It just depends on what your Zoom team’s vision is for this challenge.

i’m just doing this one from scratch for fun. the point is the programming, the shaping of code. i’ll check out the map editor to see if it has ideas of use or interest. and yes, i’ll surely rip off sprites from somewhere. thanks!

darn, i keep forgetting the background. i’ll try to do it before i push today’s article.