Dual-Joystick Voxel Editor — new! Just added frog and car from ‘Froggy’

Update. Now sizes properly to iPhone. This build is pretty darn fun if I do say so myself—try it out!

Also implemented two more things that were unfinished in the original Voxel Editor:

  • Mirroring now works (…mirroring makes such a difference!)
  • Save/load now works

The video shows four things I made with mirroring:

  • A neat little fantasy dude
  • A teddy bear
  • A colorful castle
  • A little robot dog


Update—the models in the video are now included with the project.

@UberGoober Looks great. I’m having trouble trying to rotate, zoom in / zoom out. Not quite sure how the joystick controls it.

Just updated to include a new model: a cute little 8-bit-style fantasy dude (photo attached).

@dave1707: it’s basically like flying in Minecraft (which it kinda actually is) except you’re using dual-joysticks.

The left side moves you and the right side rotates your “head”.

Ok, I’ll try two joysticks next time. Never played Minecraft.


  • added @John’s frog and car models (from the example project “Froggy”) to the demo files
  • editor now loads the last saved model on startup
  • attempted to fully modularize the code, i.e. eliminated all globals.
  • this means the Voxel Editor should now be a usable dependency, i.e. its tools should now be available to outside projects

Wow nice work!

Update: renamed the project and fixed a bug with mirroring.

Discussion moved here: https://codea.io/talk/discussion/12735/would-love-any-and-all-help-getting-up-to-snuff