Dropping iOS 4 support in 1.3

This would make our lives easier and get updates out faster. Is any one against us doing this for the next update?

That is, it would be iOS 5 only.

Not at all

All for it. All iPad’s support iOS 5 anyways. Why wouldn’t anyone update? Please do!

I would think the overlap between people who are interested in Codea, and those who didn’t rush to upgrade to 5 as soon as it appeared, would be pretty small.

If, for example, a school system has a valuation process for iOS5 then the apps would also be subject to that processs and also be delayed. I can’t think of a situation that would block iOS5 and not block app upgrade for the same process.

Which leave a group doing it for personal reason, which as @Mark said would be a small subset.

Besides, I believe Apple’s terms of use require upgrades or be turned into a human centipad. (If you didn’t read every word of the terms of use, you can’t say it’s not in there)

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We’ll drop iOS 4 support in the next update.

@Ipda41001 I thought I erased the human centipad from my memory.

Everything that gets me the textrenering faster is a perfect idea. When is it Going to come out?