Dropboxing 3D objects

Please help I can’t get my 3D files to come in to codea.

please put step buy step instructions. I am using sketch 3Dand I do have drop box

Please help Pac

Where are you getting the 3D files from.

@pac - what 3D file types are you trying to load? Are they partially loading? What are the paths you are using? Are you on Codea 127?

Sorry lot of questions, but all these things can affect the success/failure of loading. Oh one more thing - how many vertices are involved?

A small piece of code with your loading details in and your Craft setup could help.

@pac copy to applications/Codea in dropbox. do a synch from the codea assets. should appear in the asset picker list in craft.models(). blend, stl, obj formats might work.

@pac - I have my models in directories on my Dropbox storage. I use mainly .obj with .mtl and the relevant texture - all in the same folder. Then I load the model using (for example)

MyEntity.model = craft.model(“Dropbox:FolderName/ModelName”) — note no filetype

As @piinthesky mentioned, after you have set up your files on Dropbox, you need to sync them from the Assets/Dropbox folder accessed from your project window. I don’t know if it’s necessary but after a sync I always close and restart Codea. Remember you need to set up your Craft environment in setup - you have several examples of that.

Edit: as always text case needs to be correct in the file path and the files.

Okay I will try that but where in the drop box folder do they show up. Like shaders or sprites

So I have some .obj files in my Dropbox but when I sync it it says no assets.

What am I doing wrong?

Do I need to do something special in Dropbox. Like make a special folder or something?

Thanks @pac

They will show up in the Codea Dropbox folder “models” with a picture of the model.

Thanks. When I went back to Dropbox all of a sudden a new folder appears that is called apps and it has codea in there. Am I supposed to use that folder or not?

I just saved a 3D obj file in the Dropbox apps folder “Codea”. I synced with the Codea Dropbox folder and the file showed up in “models” with a picture of the model.

Yes I have it syncing now but It keeps coming up as a zip. What do I do?

My app I was using was sending all as .objs like I wanted before but now ever thing comes as a zip.

Any suggestions?

I don’t know what app you’re using or why it was sending obj files but now it’s sending zips. Is there an option that says what kind of file you want to send. Are they zip files in the Dropbox app or obj.

I am using sketch 3D and yes I tell it each time to send as .obj.

I have figured it out that before I was having Dropbox get the files now I am sending it to Dropbox. I would do what I had been doing before but I can’t transfer files to the codea folder.

So what would you do?

If you have the files in the Dropbox app Codea folder, then from the Codea Dropbox folder, you tap on sync and Codea gets the file from the Dropbox app folder.

I know and I have done that now but the problem is that they still come in as zips.

I have an idea be right back.

Do you know how you move files around between the folders in drop box?

Please specify the Dropbox app folders or the Codea Dropbox folders. I don’t know which one you’re talking about.

@pac - when you say they - you have multiple files. Do you mean multiple models or obj mtl and png texture files for 1 model?

Are you trying to put a download zip file into your Dropbox folder?

Does sketch 3D export the 3 relevant files as a zip?

I think the Dropbox assets on Codea will only show models if they are in the Dropbox root directory. So if you put them in folders you won’t see them in the assets list although you can still address them in the folders.

You need to put the obj mtl and png files in the main Dropbox folder if you want to see them in the Dropbox assets viewer.

On the remote Dropbox storage the path is
Dropbox:Apps/Codea/… But you address that as Dropbox:…

Took me a while to get used to it. Could be a good thing to add to the wiki.

It’s okay I have found my own way to move the files around. I just use the files app on my iPad and I can take the files from the 3D Sketch and put them directly into the Dropbox assets of Codea.