Dropbox Sync in app

How can I get Codea to retrieve a list of images when I’m running the app? Is it even possible?

Yes it is. You can use the Meta request to get contents of a folder. I have an edited dropbox class up on CC that I believe is @Aciolino I’ll have to check. I’ve made a lot more changes so let me clean it up and I’ll post it.

You need to create a dev account for dropbox. Look at the top of the DropBox api class for info.


I think what @Luatee wants to do is to force Codea to sync its Dropbox folder, which I don’t believe is possible.

I believe Codea syncs to dropbox/apps/codea you can create a dev account with all access and get all the listed files and folders with the above dropbox api.

I can download them all with it too? @Briarfox you’ve made some life saving utilities, thanks a shed load (medium sized shed) :wink:
@JakAttak that is what I wanted, but Briarfox’s solution means I don’t have to retrieve a completely new list file from the device but match and add the ones that aren’t there. Thanks for straightening it out.

@Luatee The Dropbox api is mainly @Aciolino s I just chained the 0auth process and added some functions. Yes you can you that to create sync functionality. When you use the Meta call you can see the revision info of folders and files and then choose if you want to download it or update it.

There’s also spritelist(assetpack), if you need the contents of any other assetpack…

@SkyTheCoder yes I know I became familiar with that when making my sprite picker.
@Briarfox well I’ll have to thanks @aciolino too, I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

@Skythecoder … I did not know that… Would have been handy :slight_smile: