Dropbox Subfolders

Hi, I’ve just discovered (but maybe it’s a known issue) that it’s possible to handle dropbox subfolders, at least for images, also with current Codea API.

this code in fact works properly:

function setup()
    img = readImage("Dropbox:SubFolderName/imageName")

function draw()

where dropbox path is “Dropbox/Apps/Codea/SubFolderName”

The only drawback is that it’s not possible to browse files from codea file browser, you have to manually write the correct name and path. I found that very usefull to organize files per projects, instead of a single mess up of everything.

Awesome!! I might use this…

Did you see my post about backing up projects to Dropbox directly?


Just a quick update since the last update 1.4.3.

Using the “Dropbox.spritepack/” update method now saves a version in the dropbox folder AND the main user docs. NOTE at this point your only sending a copy to dropbox, the version in your docs folder doesn’t get backed up after duplication.