Dropbox Security

Hi All,

I am planning to place a few files in my Dropbox App folder for Codea. Does anyone know what kind of security Dropbox has on this folder - can I share my links with everyone, or should I put the files in my Dropbox public folder?




In your public folder everyone can see the files, but if you share a link to a file only that file will be viewed but can be viewed by anyone who opens the link.

Hi @Luatee,

Thanks for the heads up on that - so:

Passing a link to a public folder gives all visitors free reign to view the files in that folder.
Passing a link to a file in that folder allows anyone, who uses the link, to see that file only.

How does the Apps/Codea folder/file links work - same way - folder all, file only the file?




@Bri_G Correct! I’m not sure what you mean by the Codea folder, is that on iExplorer or iFile or is it something else?

@Luatee , Dropbox has a folder called app, when you link your dropbox account

@Bri_G , you need export the project and after this, you share

@erickyamato Aha, I linked my dropbox when I first got Codea, but never really used it I used iFile to export to dropbox.

@Luatee I use Dropbox because I can use my Images Folder… I never tried iFile or iExplorer