Dropbox folder crashes Codea

Hello guys, my Dropbox folder has 273 images flie.

When I sync the folder, it’s normal, but, when I’ll choice some sprite swiping down, Codea is slowly and after, crashes (this time, when it happened, it rebooted my iPad)

Any sugestion what is happening?

@erickyamato you’re probably better off speaking to Simeon about this.

I can suggest backing up your files in Codea and removing Codea and dropbox, also when uninstalling Codea remove it as an app from dropbox security (you’ll want to backup what’s in dropbox/apps/codea). Reboot when you’ve done that then install dropbox and Codea, once installed link Codea to dropbox through Codea. After that you just need to put your files back in to dropbox/apps/codea and then sync with Codea.

I only suggest the above because it’s worked for me and a couple others to fix ‘similar’ bugs, although these never got passed syncing with Codea.

@Luatee, I’ll try this on my other iPad! Thanks!