Drawing multiline text ?

The text function ignores newlines. Is that expected?

If so, would it be possible to support multiline text rendering in a future update? Text wrapping is nice for single paragraphs, but I want to display onscreen instructions with multiple paragraphs, bulleted lists and so on.

I found a lua implementation of Markdown and with a modicum of modification got it to work. Together with an xml parser then I managed to do a proof-of-concept. I’ll be happy to share code and work on it with someone.

@Nat it should respect newlines if you set a wrapping width – just set the wrapping width to something higher than you’ll need.


text("A String\
With Newlines", 300, 300)

Thanks. That works. But I find it rather surprising behaviour. I think text() should always respect explicit newlines.

I’ll look at changing the behaviour in the next update. Can you add it to the tracker?

I’ve create a new issue in the tracker

Thanks @Nat