Dragging code from A to B

Hi all,

Just a quick question, I consider myself fairly adept in things but this has me banging my head against a brick wall!

How are you all copy and pasting from, say, an internet page of Lua code into Codify? Are you just going onto a webpage with the source, selecting it all, copying it, then pasting it into Codify or is there a better way?

Pretty much!

I find that it works better if I download it in an app that allows text editing (GoodReader and FastKeyboard are two that I have, but there are many) since I find it hard to select large amounts of text from Safari Mobile or Opera Mini (it may be different with embedded code as opposed to a text file; also, others have had more success than me).

If my laptop is to hand then I’ll transfer it via that since (on Linux) I can use libimobiledevice to gain access to the document directory where Codea’s programs are stored.

I actually seem to be managing pretty well with mobile Safari in most cases. I have also used GoodReader as Andrew suggests in the one case when mobile Safari refused to properly select what needed selecting.

A free app called iExplorer (for Windows and Mac) which I suppose is similar to libimobiledevice, allows you to gain access to the Codea document directory.

Cheers Andrew, the ‘large amounts of text’ is exactly the issue I’m having, glad to see I’m not the only one who’s getting agitated by this :slight_smile:

Blanchot, thanks too, will look at iExplorer you’ve mentioned.