Does Codea's keyboard() support distinguishing between pressing a key and releasing a key?

The question is: how to distinguish between keydown and keyup, the two states of pressing a key and releasing a key, in Codea’s keyboard() function?

Has anyone ever dealt with a situation like this?

My scenario was to use it in the javascript code in Codea, and I had a preliminary idea of using objc to implement specific push and release keys (if objc supports it) , i wonder if it’s possible to wrap the implementation code as a lua function and import it into javascript.

As I mentioned in the other thread, check out MKInput on WebRepo for a Lua specific implementation (uses ObjC bindings internally). If you want to do this from JavaScript, then JS has easier ways to do it.

@Steppers I tried that, and it’s the same here. MKInput only supports external physical bluetooth keyboards, not the iPad’s virtual keyboard.

I wonder if the virtual keyboard is limited in some way.