Does codea run a different version of lua than everything else?

Hey! Its been over a year since i have been on, so i decided i would check in. i recently got into game design in cryengine 3, which you have the choice of programming in c++ or lua in. Does codea run the same version of lua for this? I know that LOVE runs lua as well but all the commands are in the form of love.print(“ufahwf”) compared to codea’s print(“apiuhadsv”).

I am mainly wondering if coding in codea would be good practice for cryengine, seeing as i have forgotten most of the language (not that i ever learned that much) and i am a head programmer.

Thanks and its good to be back,

Are you talking API or Lua version? The Lua version doesn’t really matter, but the API is probably completely different.

well darn. i had started to figure when all i could recognize from one of the premade scripts was the syntax :).

I think the only things that can be different are the input/output commands
I didn’t see too much differences between Codea and coding on PSP using LuaEuphoria