Documentation button on phone?

Is there a way to view the documentation on the phone? Or is it planned to fit it in somewhere?

If you’re not in the editor, you can press the > in the upper left and select Reference. If you’re in the editor, double tap on a keyword and select Reference from the popup.

@Kirl You can also select the “Do” menu in the editor and choose the “Reference” menu item

Fantastic thanks guys. I just got my 1st smartphone (comming from ipad) and codea was the 1st app I was looking forward to try. It’s working great so far, except for a couple of apps, for which I’ll prolly make a new thread soon.

Very happy to see it runs on phones now too, great work! :slight_smile:

I know it’s a bunch of work to port it to android, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed, there are just no other mobile coding apps that even come close to codea. Maybe just outsource it?