displayMode(Console) as future option?

Might adding a displayMode(Console) option be a future consideration? Currently the console area to enter runtime Lua commands is only available as a small space on the display. It would be nice to be able to have a full or half screen console option to use Codea to test more data entry/text applications with simple io reads to the console instead of having to develop and use graphic text-boxes for such applications.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@SugarRay Have you tried using the parameter.text command. That can be used for input from the Console. I’m not sure how long you’ve been using Codea, but once you get used to how Codea works, you won’t use the Console area that much. It come in handy every now and then for simple debugging using print statements, but there’s really no need for input which is why there isn’t any console io commands. Codea is more for graphics programs then text programs. Also, creating/using text boxes isn’t that hard. How long have you been using Codea and what were you using before that. When I first started using Codea, I found it hard to use because of the lack of io. That was because what I used before Codea relied on io commands. After using Codea for awhile, I have no use for them.

Thanks, @dave1707, for the prompt reply. I just started using Codea. I’ll try using the parameter.text command and see how that goes!

@dave1707, I also just recently found from the additional comments on the “Beyond the Codea in-app reference” that one can drag a small slider near the output pane to make it bigger. :slight_smile:

@SugarRay I didn’t know what reference you were referring to, so I looked in the Wiki and that’s where I found it. It’s been awhile since I looked in there. Things have been added since I was in it last.

Dave, In case others are interested, I figured out how I can use Codea to do text programs that I’m interested in (my main interest due the ease of using Codea as an IDE to program directly on an iPad). I learned how to use the wiki-group Soda app to easily make GUIs and then either type in the textEntry textboxes or paste text into them from other programs using Codea’s “pasteboard.text” property. Have a good rest of your week.