Display the title of a project in editor

@sim a suggestion…when using multiple windows i sometimes forget which window is which project! It would help if the title of a project was displayed at the top of the editor window.

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I’ve got this one on my list — did you mean in the iOS task switcher i.e., actually above the windows when you go into the multitasking view? Or within each editor window somewhere?

i was thinking somewhere in the editor window.

By the way another small improvement…when doing a search and there is the list of hits, it would be nice to highlight in the list which one has been selected for viewing.

Another annoying thing i noticed recently, is that if i select a piece of code to delete, often the ´cut’ option is absent- it usually appears the second time. Also sometimes it is not possible to delete the text with delete key on the keyboard even though it is highlighted.

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