Disabling Three Finger, Three Tap fail safe - Like Cargo-Bot

I need to disable the fail safe gestures for the final version on xcode, I know it’s possible because Cargo-Bot does it. Any ideas?

Sorry I’ll be uploading a new set of libraries soon that disable this feature for Xcode builds.

I will let you know when it’s done — to update your libraries simply delete the libcodea.a and libtools.a files from your libs/ folder and clean and rebuild the Xcode project so that it can download them again.

Awesome! Keep up the great work by the way.

@Xenthera the new version is uploaded now. Please delete the .a files from your libs/ folder, then clean and rebuild your Xcode project.

Let me know how it goes.

@Simeon, I did that, and now when i try to run my project it causes 7 errors


Odd, thanks for the report. Will fix shortly.

@JakAttak it seems to work for me. Does anyone else have issues?

@Simeon weird, do you have any idea what could be causing the errors? It was working before

@JakAttak can you try export your project from Codea again, just to see how that goes.

If i do that will all the things such as Game Center and iAD that I have enable in iTunes Connect still work?

@JakAttak I’m just asking you to try to see if it works, it will help me figure out where the problem lies. Don’t overwrite your old project, just see if the export from Codea compiles and runs.

@Simeon, Ah. Yes, a freshly exported project runs without errors

@Simeon, do you have any idea what happened? Or is it possible to restore a project from an archive?