Disable warnings for not using asset keys

I’m wondering whether it is possible to prevent Codea from printing warnings when using asset strings instead of asset keys. Ever since I’ve updated Codea to its latest version, the framerate of my game has dropped significantly and I suspect that it is due to the fact that this warning is printed to the console for multiple sprites in every frame.

I’ve now replaced many of the asset strings with asset keys and it’s at least playable again. Before doing this, Codea would crash shortly after running the project. Nevertheless, it would be useful to prevent this warning from being printed or at least only have it printed once. Is this already possible and if not, could this be implemented in Codea? @sim

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I’ll see what I can do in the next beta. Perhaps we can add hooks to warning / error prints so that they can be overidden from Lua

Thank you, that would be amazing!

Sorry for bumping the thread. @sim Do you know whether this could be part of the next beta?

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The Block Library example project currently crashes Codea entirely, I think, because it’s trying to print so many asset warnings.