Digital healing device just for you!

While waiting for the antibiotics to kick in, I had to safe it and write a digital healing device to make sure I get better!

Based on the info on Abracadabra - Wikipedia (5.4 KB)

@tnology - nice smooth scrolling. Hope the antibiotics kick out your bug QuickTime.

@sim - just on this code - imported OK but when I looked at the code the indent was to the left of where I added additional code. Is that because posted code includes the tab offset for the developer in the posted project? I would have thought Codea would, by default, use the tab settings of the pad it is loaded on. On projects with a lot of code adjusting tabbing can be a bit annoying.

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Tabbing also gets crazy if you paste a multiline string, like the shader code. It removes all tabs when pasting into multiline string.