Did the forum get an update?

I noticed +1/-1 on posts, is this new or am I just crazy?

I’m pretty sure this is new

@Briarfox I’m just experimenting. If it’s not valuable for us then I will remove it.

If you’re tinkering with the forum could you look at replacing the forum search with a google site one?

I think these kind of things remove the balance of good posts and bring a new dimension of competition…

Agree with @juaxix, I personally don’t want Facebook likes and ratings for posts, makes people want to just achieve the greatest one, despite there being original competition

@Luatee, @juaxix both very good points and I’m not convinced they are beneficial either.

I’ll let others share their thoughts before I make a decision on keeping or removing the feature.

In a small forum like this, where we all know each other, I’m not sure up- or down-voting is useful. I can see its value in large forums where it reduces clutter, but I doubt that enough people will use it to make it relevant.

It would be more helpful to have the QA plugin that a +\- plugin.

I agree — the +/- plugin is gone.

I’m pleased to see that the +/- plugin has gone, before I even got a chance to explain what a bad idea it was!

Now can we have a less lurid colour scheme, please? I’m happy for a change, but this bright sea-green is just a little too bright for my old tastes.

Hmm, that’s odd. I sometimes get the lurid scheme and sometimes the old one. Not sure what’s going on there.

@Andrew_Stacey still working on it.

@Andrew_Stacey it’s less lurid — probably as much as I’m able to go before it becomes too dark. The previous colour was highly dependent on your monitor calibration.

@West you now have Google Custom Search from the search box instead of Vanilla search. Let me know how it goes.

@Simeon, I like the new, flat design (it should go nicely with iOS 7). Is it possible, however, to make the background behind code snippets–you know the stuff between the three tildes-- less yellow?

This is somewhat hard on the eyes

Possibly a light parchment beige or a very light turquoise would make the code easier to read.

Thanks for the Google Search!

EDIT: Much better, thanks!

+1 ‘likes’ for Ric. Oooops!

I find the white font on turquoise background a bit agressive for my eyes (it is all fuzzy for me, and i have to concentrate to get the focus. Black font is ok) …
But i guess i’ll get used to it.

Stars: turquoise start on white is more difficult to notice than previous yellow star.

Everything on this forum now hurts me eyes. I liked the old color scheme…

Imo it is too bright. I often use codea in the dark while my wife sleeps near me X_X

I love the google custom search.