Hi! I I issued myself a challenge to learn how to use lua patterns and http.request in one hour, and make something with them in five. While I didn’t quite learn lua patterns in a hour, since I had to go to the forums to help, I did manage to make the project. I will keep updating it with bug fixes, filling up the white space with some more information, etc. Anyways, hope you guys like it!

Picture of it in action

Basically its a dictionary, which will tell you some neat information about the world you pulled up. I used the merriam webster dictionary for all the information, as I don’t have the time or money to make my own. The design was creator by BrindleRoam on devianart

That’s great, this is the best way to learn new stuff, keep making challenges for yourself

cool @prynok

Nicely done @prynok

Thanks guys! Trying to upload it to Codea Community right now, though its not working. Might just upload it to pastebin.

Whats not working?

@Briarfox whenever I try to backup my project, nothing shows up. I’m guessing I have to re-install it since you’ve moved to TLL’s servers, correct?

Yes you do, when you run it it will creat a ccConfig file. Add your project info when it asks for it.

I hate to bump old things, but this is now on Codea Community!