delete key like on a pc?

Got a logitech blue tooth today, love it. I see the standards for apply computers are different when it comes to keyboard commands vs windows. The delete key in win deletes text to the right of the cursor and leaves the cursor where it is but i noticed the delete key for codea/ipad is a backspace. Is there a way via keyboard shortcuts or remapping the behaivior of the delete key to work like in windows pc’s?


i found on apples page this but it doesnt work:

option + delete = Delete the word before the cursor

I want to leave the cursor where it is and delete 1 character after the cursor at a time. Is this not possible with ios/ipad/codea?


it’s weird, because delete works like you expect on a Mac (delete removes one character to the right. Backspace one to the left.) But not on Codea. I think it’s that way on all iPad apps, maybe because the iPad doesn’t have an actual delete key on its soft keyboard, so there’s nothing to properly map the delete key to.

Thanks tom, i guess you can only highlight what you want to delete making sure the cursor is at the end so when you hit backspace the cursor ends up back where you wanted it. This slows you down, bummer.


@tomxp411 Huh, my Mac only has a delete key, and it works like a backspace on Windows…

Depends on the keyboard. I have the extended keyboard with the num pad -

That one has a separate key labeled “Delete” with a right arrow. That does the same thing as a PC’s delete key, it removes the character to the right of the cursor. The Delete key at the top-right of the main section of the keyboard deletes to the left.

However, I’ll keep calling it “Backspace”, since that’s the ANSI standard, no matter what Apple stencils on the keyboard. =)

I have a standard keyboard built-in to my MacBook Pro. If I had an option for extended one, I would have gotten it, because there are some crucial controls in Blender that are used with the numpad… >:(