Death to spinnies

I’ve posted before, but it’s biting me hard now.

My keyboard code has a ton of positional data, all by chance on the right side of the screen - where I habitually drag.

This means I trigger a spinnie frequently. I mean every 3 to 5 minutes. And spinning a positional value means my keys go walkabout, not typically a desired behavior on a keyboard.

I’d drag on the left, but I’m right-handed, so when I do so I can’t actually see the code I’m dragging.

I am seriously considering encoding my positional data as letters - like I did for the font data - to avoid spinnies. I have actively moved some of my work to my desktop, because - no spinnies. But these are workarounds, not solutions.

Just curious if the toggle/disable for these ever got implemented. I’d not be sad to see them disappear entirely - but perhaps the subject already gave that away.

They’re on the issue tracker and I agree that it’s something worth implementing. I’m going to put them in at some stage, I just need to give a bit more thought to the toggle implementation. My initial thought is something like #pragma in current programming languages.


Could kill spinners for that file. Or perhaps it’s better to build the toggle into the UI somewhere.