Dave1707’s Game7 enhanced with other dave1707 code

@dave1707 is so prolific a contributor and has, over the years, posted so much awesome code—usually in under 100 lines, for that matter—that I’ve been able use his code to enhance his own code.

Dave called this Game7, I believe, and I basically took a bunch of other code he’d written and added it all together. I think it came out nice.

Thanks for everything you’ve done and do, dave, it’s really great.

Game7 w Terrain.zip (1.9 MB)

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@ubergoober @sim @john - just ran this accumulation of @dave1707 s contributions. Impressive but it crashed on me when I pulled in the parameter window and used the top yellow button parameter. The screen froze and didn’t respond to any touch, the later Codea crashed.

Ah yeah the parameters aren’t intended to be used anymore, I probably should have taken them out.

we haven’t heard from @dave1707 since awhile, i hope he is ok.

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What a tribute to all of the incredible contributions @dave1707 posted here

@piinthesky I also hope he’s doing well!

@UberGoober i just get ‘Generating terrain’ and nothing happens and have to kill codea to get back control. (The Game7 w terrain works ok).

I’m confused—you said you just see “generating terrain” (which is in game 7) and nothing else, but then you said game 7 works?

@UberGoober sorry, i meant to say ship&walls works.

I think the new slowed-down asset loading may be contributing to the problem?

It just really does take a long time to generate all the game elements now. I counted 38 seconds before the game actually started on my iPhone.

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Good find. I’ll see what I can do

I’ve edited it to make it load faster, around 10 seconds now. Thanks for the heads-up.

While I was at it I made a bunch of other small tweaks that won’t matter to anyone but me :slight_smile:

Please try it again and let me know if you have any other problems. (I replaced the file attached in the original post).

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@UberGoober works fine now.

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