data visualization and codea


We are a small group developing a real-time event based system in Lua: - We recently found Codea and it looks cool. We are planning to have a small app for iOS, which will connect to our analytic appliance and we were thinking if Codea will be useful for us, regarding:

  • minimal support for charts, time series charts ?

  • more advanced things like: heatmaps, treemaps etc ?

  • http support (I see there is some minimal API for it)

I understood Codea fits better as a gaming alternative for iOS, but wonder if we could try it for data visualization ?

Thank you,

I’ve developed whole sets of graphs and charts using Codea — line graphs, scatter plots, guages, etc.

Works very well for live dashboards.

There should be no problem doing constant http requests and graphing or displaying the information being returned. It would be just like playing a game. You could have different buttons that can be pressed to request/display information in any format you want.

@parvu - Codea can draw anything you want, the catch being that you have to program each type of chart from scratch, because nothing is built in.