Cutscene Tutorial pt 1 with Codea

I’m making a 3 part Codea cutscene tutorial, so if you were interested in how to code one in Codea than here it is.

The tutorial part on the cutscene starts at 7:43, there’s other tips and tricks starting at about 4:04 in the video.

@Kurall_Creator Just watched your video. It’s interesting and probably will be a help to many. As for tutorials, see this link.

super, i look forward to more

And for both of you - here’s the second instalment - Let’s Animate Our Turd Throwing Monkeys.

Here’s my latest Codea lesson - on adding sprites into Codea, and fleshing out the conversation in the cutscenes.

The next lesson - how to add sounds to Codea. Thank goodness it was a short one, I wasn’t feel well yesterday.

Does anybody want me to show how to export Codea into Xcode for next week, which would be my last lesson for this block - starting with Xcode in the next block of lessons - probably 5 or 6 lessons.

good stuff!

Thanks Ron.

Last lesson in Codea in this block of lessons -

Exporting in Codea.

In the next block, I will show how to bring this all into Xcode and start working on an iOS app.