Custom default project code (feature request)

Hey @Simeon and @John ,

When starting a new project, we choose a project type (Default, CraftAR, Craft). I would like a ‘Custom’ choice, or any number of user-named custom choices that each map to a config file that has my custom start-up code.

For example, I may want to start up a new project that has 3 functions: setup, draw and touched, with nothing in them! No sample code for beginners, no code comments.

Or maybe I’d like a default project file that already has a custom code comment at the top of main. Or one with my favorite boiler plate code in the draw call, etc…

Just an idea! Thanks.

You can do that now already!

  1. Create a project with the name Custom Code (or somehow else)

  2. Duplicate the project every time you need this custom code.

But it’d be nice to have the ability to start a completely blank project without doing this.

@brianolive I think we might make it so that any projects in a Template folder show up in the template picker

Great idea!

@Simeon - sounds like a great idea, mentioned this in another post. Does the Template folder already exist, or is it just a single file? Sure, in the early days, someone described how to edit the template but multiple personal named file options gives you much more flexibility.

For an initial release I’d make it so that you create your own Template folder in the and move projects into it using Files. This will be quick to implement and let you start using it.