Cursor Idea

Don’t know if possible, but I find the cursor back/forward very much used, but not quite adequate. As many others have pointed out, how about up and down! So, instead of 2 buttons for forward and back, how about one, that pops up a movable floating window with all four cursor buttons and a hide button. Special credit for home, end, page up and page down. Special special credit for Holding down shift causes the text to be highlighted.


I forgot to mention that you could still type while the popup was displayed, maybe move it to the far right to get it out of the way.

In 1.2.7 you can move the cursor up and down with a two-finger swipe left and right - not as good as a button, I know, but it might help you out for now.

Duh - I forgot about that! Thanks, Simeon.

I’d like this. I’ve yet to get the swipes consistently right.

I would like something like Texastics arrows because I rarely type all the way to the right so it’s putting space in good hands.

I’ve found I have a conceptual problem with this - my brain is having a hard time matching up down with left right, and I miss a two-finger hit a good portion of the time - meaning I get my cursor moved where I didn’t intend.

You know, thinking of it, many of the problems I have would be solved by a larger font. No idea how feasible that is, and it would introduce it’s own issues, but just a thought.

Maybe 3 letters per page? A, B, C - Teacher, can I have another piece of paper?*

*Old Bill Cosby reference.

I’ve been thinking some more on this - dangerous as it is. I think we can all agree that we disagree on what functions should be on the “function bar” for lack of the proper term. Heck, I can’t even agree on what I want on it with regards to bluetooth keyboard or soft keyboard. So, how about a settings page (global I think, in the iPad settings page) for customization of the “function bar”? Two lists, one for full keyboard showing, one for only “function bar” showing. These lists would have in order, the key/functions that the user wants to appear. There are currently 11 “slots”, but I imagine maybe a few should be required - Run, maybe Help. The others could be selected by the user. Maybe a user definable “macro” key, with a often used code block, Up and Down cursor keys, Undo (extremely hand if using the physical keyboard.) Or, make it the “function Bar” scroll horizontally, like the project tabs - now I’m probably asking for way too much - and movable.


The text editor “FastKeyboard” has a customisable extra row (in fact, double) and keys can be bound to more than just a single character. I recommend the devs take a look at that.

I won’t pretend it would be nice; some of the stuff (the {} key) I use lots, and would prefer on it’s own. Some of it I don’t use at all. And I can see how preferences would differ person to person, so it makes sense to have it settable.

Someone put it in as a suggestion - I’ll leave it up to TLL to decide how best that slots into their plans, how much work it would take and the like. Meaning - I’d be happy to see it, I’d use it - but it won’t kill me if it’s not there.

I can put in the request - I just like to get others opinions first to eliminate requests that nobody else could use.

Thanks Jim.

I agree it would be very nice to be able to customize the keyboard bar. There are some shortcuts I use a lot, some I never use, some that I would like to dig out from their ‘sub-menu’ --such as [ ] {} – and promote. The quick ability to create and store a temporary macro would also be handy.

That said… (I’ve mentioned it before but I’d like to say it again) I am constantly amazed how fluid Codea’s UI feels. I mean I always feel slightly compromised typing (as I am now) on the iPad’s soft keyboard but I never feel compromised using Codea’s UI. This is quite an achievement IMO…

Other future potential settings I’d like to see:

(1) the ability to adjust the editor’s font size

(2) perhaps the ability to turn on or off and (selectively) collapse block comments and functions?

My suggestion if that we do get a preferences section of Codea that contains things like certain function colors (like a function, number, operation, etc.), what in the menubar, font size, and other things. Another thing we could do is make it so when shift is down, things in the menu bar change like the parenthesis to curly brackets and the move curser left and right keys turn to up and down.

And change the help eye key to an an ancient egyptian look (sorry I think I need a rest)