Crowd Funding

Hi guys,

What is your feelings on Crowd Funding for a Codea made game?

What pledge promises would you like to see?

I’m thinking giving the source code, graphics, making custom levels, and so on.

A bit of background, I’ve been making a game during my recovery from an operation and I’m thinking of running a Crowd Funding campaign to raise some cash to finish it, and pay for my recovery (I’m self employed so I don’t get sick money).
Just a bit unsure on what the community feels about it.

I would back your project, but I’m biased :slight_smile:

Good idea!
Show what you done, what you would like it to be at the end, how you plan to advertise and sell and how much money do you need to finalize.

In general I am not a fan of crowd funding for video games (e.g. through Kickstarter), however in this case I would make an exception, due to your recovery and because I would love to see more games released using Codea.

If you do decide to crowd fund your game, you have my support :slight_smile:

For my part, a copy of the game and the satisfaction of knowing another game has been released using Codea would be reward enough for me!

Thanks guys that’s much appreciated!!
I’m still in bed at the moment but I think I’ll be able to get a indiegogo account set up this week.
I’d love to give free versions away, but apple restrict freebies to 50. That migh be ok, but I’d like to send a good few off to reviewers also. So maybe the best way is to give the source code away to top contributers.
Thanks again fella’s!!

You might try to talk to Apple and tell them what you are doing. My understanding is that they have accommodated other developers who have released/are planning on releasing crowd funded games with distributing the apps to backers, so it’s possible they might be willing to work with you on this. Not that I have a problem with accepting the source code, I just worry that some unscrupulous person might get ahold of it and decide to release a ripoff of your game on the app store (unfortunately it happens more often than you might think…)

That’s not really been my experience with them, they are generally quite hard to contact.
But if anybody has a contact I’d be more than happy to give them a shout.
I am a bit concerned about folks using the source to “clone the game”, but I’m sure (hopeful) that will happen anyway if people like my game, with or with out the source given out to backers.

I didn’t say they were easy to contact, just that they’ve set up a way for other devs in the past to distribute crowd funded apps to backers :wink:

Ah, cool!!

What Dev’s/Game’s have you seen that got apple to do that?

Thanks toadkick, I’d have never thought of that as a option!!

One that I know of is Republique:

I also stumbled on this article awhile back:

Anyway, it’s no guarantee, and they may very well say no, or make you jump through some hoops, but it seems like it’s worth a shot :slight_smile:

Awesome dude!!! Thanks a bunch!!

Will look into it and figure out the best way and let you know.



I’ve bought into several crowd sourced iOS apps at kickstarter. One was Zombies, Run

Another was Star Command, which is still in progress

Oh, and the way Zombies Run handled it was to put out a free version of the app for a limited time, with a notice going out to contributors. Then, after a delay, they switched to a paid version.

Yeah, I might do something like that if I fail to reach apple.
Thanks for the heads up.
I’m feeling much better today so I’ll make a start on the indiegogo page this evening.
Still have to come up with a name!!!

Hi Dave,
Please consider posting a crowdfunding project on FundaGeek. We’re a new platform expressly for technology based projects like yours. We do a lot more to help you promote your project than the average crowdfunding site, and it costs you nothing to give it a try. To learn more, please visit:

OK, I’ve thought of some incentives, what do you guys think?

$5 or more you get the game tool box (full of useful classes integral to the game)

$50 or more you get a name credit.

$150 or more I’ll build a special user specified/designed character and put it in the game.

$500 or more I’ll build a special user specified/designed level and put it in the game.

$1000 or more you get the full source code, plus the artwork when the game is finished.

If I cant get a way round giving out free versions.
All contributors get a heads up when the game goes live for one week before I start promoting and charging for it.

One possible suggestion: I was thinking of doing this with Battle Chips, and one incentive I thought might be nifty around the $20 level was access to the beta by way of buying the contributor a copy of Codea. Not sure how to pull that off,but I like the idea of it.

That is a nice idea indeed, I’d like to do something like that too.
My issue is making sure that I spend most of the time making the best game I can rather than making the best campaign.
Just the tech is a bit constrictive at the moment to easily allow cool things like that!
Its a bit of a catch 22.

Almost there guys.

I’ve had a bit of a recovery setback so I’ve to been able to do very much at all.

Working on it today and tomorrow (hopefully), I shall update you as soon as I have somthing cool to show.

Any more ideas on incentives?