Creating a 3D model for a mutation in a chromosome

It’s as the title says, I am trying to create a 3D model for that so I can use it in a presentation but I’m not too sure how to go about doing it. Any suggestions?

@ferrellion Do you have a link to a website picture of what it’s supposed to look like. Not sure what a mutation in a chromosome is supposed to look like.

@dave1707 Sorry my bad, I totally blanked on everything, I got a site and it’s a simple model but I just want to make a 3D model and I’m not the best with making the models. It’s the picture with Trisome 21, Down Syndrome.

If you want to play with creating 3D models, look at Polygonify on the App Store. I’m sure it can be done in Codea, but Polygonify is made for creating 3D images easier. Polygonify takes some time to figure it out how to use it, at least for me. The output from Polygonify can be imported into Codea if you want.

Or you can use blender, for more sophisticated modelling, but it has a steep learning curve, I found it difficult

Building your own 3D models, especially if they are curved rather than rectangular, can be very difficult.

Oh, someone I actually know irl on a forum, who could’ve guessed?