Crashes in V4 after scrolling parameter window

@sim @John - looking at the latest documentation for V4 and started playing with mat2() - not quite understanding that at moment. Then went on to building a basic grid. Tapped on a variable strk which was selected then it hung up on me. Captured screen so you can see the code and error when locked up. Closed Codea by swiping up and Codea crashed.

Also separate crash later whilst scrolling parameter window showing errors (see attached image)

Ran a very basic routine to build a square and display it in V4. Fired up an error in amber and several error reports in red. Also placed a symbol pointing to the bottom of the error list in the parameter window. On tapping went to bottom of window. Trying to scroll up had no effect and the parameter window locked up. Codea crashed on closing by swiping up.

Also the contrast of the text in the parameter window is poor making reading it difficult. I tend to run in dark mode and not too bright to conserve battery power.

Edit: I think the errors with the parameter window freezing is down to the code that I was playing with. I didn’t know what the amber error referred to - not one I recognised.

Thanks for the report @Bri_G. We will look at fixing the output window when lots of errors are printed

Just a note on the text readability in the parameter window. The parameter and output windows should now respect your system text size, so if you go to Settings → Accessibility → Larger Text on your iPad, you can make the text more readable