Craft.shape.capsule documentation: in the syntax example is "height" supposed to be "offset"?


In the documentation written for craft.capsule, the syntax specified is:

myShape = myEntity:add(craft.shape.capsule, radius, height)

Yet the example listed for that syntax is:

“-- create a new entity
e = scene:entity()
e:add(craft.rigidbody, DYNAMIC, 1)
e:add(craft.shape.capsule, 1, vec3(0,0,0))”

With the last parameter being a 3D vector which wouldn’t seem to make sense for height. Is the last parameter actually supposed to be a 3D offset position from the center of the entity as is written in the documentation for the craft.shape.sphere documentation? That would seem to make more sense.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Cc: @UberGoober, @dave1707

@SugarRay I would say the docs are wrong. Maybe it should be a value and not vec3. @UberGoober knows how to do the requests to update the docs.

Thanks, @dave1707 :slight_smile: . I’m working on a project now with @UberGoober.

In my experience the last value is a simple number not a vec3. Let’s try to verify this for sure and I can make an official documentation request.