Craft Physics Joint example?

The Craft physics docs suggest that DYNAMIC bodies can be moved by “joints”. Is there an example of this somewhere? I’ve not found one …


I have a joint example that uses DYNAMIC, but the DYNAMIC body is moved by me and not joints.

not sure i understand. is there even joint or IK logic in there?

@RonJeffries Normally when you use joints, there is one body that’s STATIC and the joint bodies are stuck to the STATIC body with the different joint types. If the STATIC body is made DYNAMIC, then it’s going to move around based on what the other joints stuck on it are doing.

I’m not sure if I know how to search this correctly but I couldn’t find any craft bindings that mention joints:

@UberGoober There’s a lot of posts for joint.

Like this one?

@dave1707 the only things that come up searching “Craft joints” are that post and the current one.

@UberGoober I’m thinking of all the examples for 2D joints. I guess you’re after 3D joints. I don’t see anything for3D joints in Craft docs.