Hi Everyone in the beta

This is a little off topic, but this is a beta thread so few people will see it.

We’ve been working on a game called Crabitron, it’s a game by @John. I’ve been creating the visual design.

I’ve given you access to the beta. Feel free to check it out. If you do and would like to give us feedback, you can use this thread.

It’s a game where you control a giant space crab.

Thanks guys, I look forward to playing it. I remember the video with the giant claws… :slight_smile:

I got the email so downloaded it (took a few iterations of the downloading the profile or whatever-it-was that needed to be downloaded first). I’ll take a look later.

What do i do when the missiles come? I dont wanna die!

I’ve actually been looking forward to playing this since I first heard about it. I’m at work, but I squoooze (sp?) in a minute or so. Started in landscape - but when I hit “quests” it displays in portrait mode, which is a bummer.

But basic play works. Hard - it’s going to take some practice, it seems a scoop-with-both-arms-and-crush-like-a-bug is a viable starter. My kids are gonna go nuts. The graphics and polish of the main game are very nice - so good on that! I’m muted (work), so no notes on sound, but I’m hoping for much crashing and bashing and wailing (Is anyone here old enough to remember the “Death Race” arcade game?)

I’m stuck behind the provisioning profile. I’ve done the install at least a dozen times, but while the profile is there in my settings, Testflight just continues to loop.

@ruilov block them with your claws! Claws are invincible. Your arms are not.

@Mark sorry - I updated the provision after @John created the build to include you guys. I’ll get @John to actually create a new build that includes everyone and it should be much smoother to install.

@Simeon, ohh ok. Maybe say that, when you flash “Warning etc etc”, also say “Block with your claw”

Had a go last night. One bug, one comment.

Bug: I had my iPad locked in portrait mode. When I looked at the Quest screen, it was in portrait mode but looked a bit chopped up as if some of the dimensions had come from portrait and some from landscape. I could send a screenshot, but it’s pretty easy to reproduce.

Comment: Lots of fun, but hard to play without somewhere to rest the iPad. I found myself using just one claw as the other hand was stabilising the machine. Not sure how I’d change this, or if I’d even want to, but it might be worth noting?

I would love to test it - @John could you please do a build that includes my device? Thanks!

I got into a loop on the profile, but did manage to install it in the end. I’m not sure what I did to get past that loop as it wasn’t systematic!

I think they need to release another version that has my device listed for it… I’ll go through the loop five times and see… :slight_smile:

I tried dogged persistence to see if I could get past the certificate issue. Two dozen or so tres later, my dog gave out.

Doggone-it! I’m crabby… :). I’ll just wait patiently now.

@Mark @Fred the provisioning-only updates on TestFlight are very odd, they work for some but not others.

Hmm, I’ll try again later… And will visit their help page.

Installing it really was weird. I didn’t think I’d gotten past the profile installation but managed to click on the install anyway. Try it when holding the iPad upside-down and whilst drinking a pint of gin at midnight.

(Not that that’s what I was doing …)

Just sent @John an email asking him to generate a new build with the updated profile. Sorry for the frustration @Mark, @Fred

@Andrew provisioning profiles are weird magic.

No worries, just got it installed with John’s update. Thanks!