Copying and Pasting Sprite Code

Hi folks I am new to the Codea community and completely to programming for that matter. I’m trying to figure
out how to copy the code of my sprites in the Spritely editor and put them into my projects. So far have not been able to do this. In the Sprite editor screen, I don’t see any icons, buttons or options available to click on to copy the code next to my image when I click the print icon to display the code. I have read tips on how to do it on the info screen, looked in references, and forums, but have come up empty. If there is anyone out there that knows how to do this, your tips will be great fully appreciated!


In spritely project there is a tab SpritelyLoader that explains what to do.

I recommend you don’t do this because the way Spritely writes code for the pixels is extremely inefficient. You are much better off creating images on your Mac or PC, or in an iPad app like iDraw.

If you want to embed images in your code, I have much more efficient code to do so, but I understand an upcoming version of Codea will provide better image management.

@ignatz can you post the code? I am interested!

@Jmv38 - try this (long press)

@Ignatz i tried your code out. But the string is so long that it is not properly saved in the new tab, but if you change any one of the characters in Decoder and Coder to "
" then the whole thing is properly pasted(atleast for the example i tried). I think you should change it…

Thanks @Ignatz. Looks very close to what i am looking for!

I made an edit of Spritely I’ve been using for a while that lets me save my image into my Documents or Dropbox folder. The little binary page icon brings up a GUI with the built-in parameters to specify a name for the image, save the image, or cancel saving. Code: (Long-press on new project.)

Thank you @skythecoder!