Copy to clipboard?

Any way to copy a value to the clipboard for pasting from lua?

There’s a lot of value in being able to send text to the clipboard. I’d love to have this feature.

Or coping an image to the clipboad too?

It could be like the http.request function! Something like


I would love to include a function like this, but I recall iLuaBox — another Lua coding app having to remove their clipboard access API at Apple’s request. I’m not sure why, as there doesn’t seem to be any policy against this sort of thing.

.@Simeon, would it not be possible for you to have a meeting with someone over at apple to clarify what you can and can’t do. Maybe take a feature list you plan to implement, that way, you can improve Codea (I have spent 13 hours on it in 3 days. It’s absolutely fantastic already) the best possible way. And you could take features you don’t even plan to implement just so you can see if you could.

You generally can’t communicate with Apple as a developer (regarding App Store policy). You have to wait to get rejected, then start an appeal process. Or wait until Apple asks you to remove a feature.

Not to be a smart a$ but in all the apple products you can cut and paste, ie pages, email client, etc.

Someday we will see Xcode for iPad and all those restrictions won’t exist… Whine, whine whine…

It is not perfect but helpful…

I output what I need using the print command and then I can select-all and copy it.

Is there a way to push command v to the keyboard buffer as a work around?

I don’t know whether it would be allowed, I just know of a case in the past where Apple asked for the feature to be removed. So we have been cautious on clipboard access.