Copy output results?

I am trying to figure out how to copy the entire output texts of a program by copying it to the clipboard
I am trying some thing like this, pasteboard.copy(output)
Can “output” not be used like this? Thanks

Where is your output coming from. Are you putting text to the screen or are you printing data to the output panel.

@EvanDavis you may have to rename your variable. Output is already a table offered by Codea. You can only use pasteboard.copy() for an image or a string

Printing data to the output

You can keep appending the data you’re printing to a string variable and at the end do a pasteboard.text=string variable. Without knowing what you’re printing and how much you’re printing, that’s what I can suggest so far.

Alright, let me play around with it for a min and I’ll see what I can do, thanks for the help @dave1707

If you’re just talking about copying what gets printed to the console, it’s not terribly obvious, but that gets copied if you just single tap on it.

As @yojimbo2000 said, you can tap on a print value in the output panel. But you can only copy one print at a time. If you want to copy all of the print values at once, then when you do a print, also insert it into a table. At the end, do a print table.concat, then all of the print information will be in one section that can be copied to the pasteboard with one tap.