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I just installed Codea 2.5.1 on a new iPad and I’m not seeing “Copy” link anymore in forum posts. Was it intentionally taken out, or there’s something else going on?

@juce Now that you explain the copy, I do remember it. That was a nice option that made copying code easy. It’s been so long ago that I don’t remember when it disappeared. As for editing your discussion on the iPad Pro, tap the discussion title and the gear icon should show at the top right. Tap the gear and there should be an edit option.

(In case this is important: my device is iPad Pro 10.5")

@juce I’d like to give you an answer, but I’m not following your question. Are you asking about a “Copy” link in Codea Talk, (this forum) or something in Codea itself. Because I don’t understand why an update to Codea would affect what the forum does.

Yes, in the forum. I thought that maybe it was new version, because on old iPad 2 I had been using Codea 2.3. (And the copy link works there)

@juce I tried the forum on my iPad 1 and I’m not sure what/where you’re referring to. What is the copy link and where do I find it. Maybe it’s been gone so long that I forgot about it.

@juce I think I found what you’re referring to. If you long press on a discussion title, a popup with choices comes up. One of them is copy that copies the link of the discussion. If that’s what you’re referring to, it’s still there. It takes a longer press for the popup to show but it works. I’ve never knew about that and just happened to do a long press on the title.

@dave1707 thanks for checking it out. Sorry, I was indeed vague.
What i meant was this: when you post a code snippet marked with triple-ticks, the forum formats it nicely as block of text with monospace font and colored background. In the right top corner of such block, there used to be a “COPY” link - also generated automatically by the forum. When you tapped it - the entire text of the code block would be copied to pasteboard.

Very handy, especially for long code snippets… And, if the code block was in project format too, you could even do “Paste Into New Project”, which was the perfect way of importing code shared on the forum.

Now, however, that magic “COPY” link is gone. You may be totally correct that the link had been gone for a long time now, because i haven’t tried new Codea until yesterday.

Interestingly, i just double-checked on my old iPad 2, running iOS 8, and the COPY link is still there with Codea 2.3.2 (61), although only when using in-Codea browser.

(Could just be a forum glitch specific to a device/OS combo… Because there are other things that appear broken in the forum on iPad Pro - for example, i cannot edit a forum post there)