Convert iOs Game to Android

Hi Everyone!

I’m new developing in LUA and using CODEA on my iPad. At the momento, I’m finishing my first game and i want to publish it in App Store… but first, i want to know if there’s some posibility to “transform” or use the same LUA code in an Android Game to have an unic code…

Best regards and thank you so much

There’s no automatic process that can do this, the easiest way is probably to use a cross platform lua framework like Gideros ( to re-create your game.

Gideros has a very similar class structure to Codea however it it maintains a display hierarchy (like Flash or Corona) rather than using the direct mode (ie you draw everything yourself every frame) that Codea uses.

That said - you can recreate the same effect by adding an ENTER_FRAME handler to a single Gideros “Sprite” object, check out the Gideros doc’s and forum - they’re a friendly enough bunch (just like here)

Wow, my friend did this once. But it was universal Javascript code compiled for both platforms separately. And it was very carefully tested by for bugs appearing.