Contacting and editing server files in Codea

I was just wondering if there was any way of editing or exporting files on a server. I know you can receive images and text files using http.request , but is there any way to upload files directly from Codea to an internet server?

Use http.request with the POST method.

@JakAttak Sorry, but is there any way you could explain this more? When you use this method what exactly happens?

@Staples, something like this:

local headers = {}

local data = "thing1=" .. value1 .. "&thing2=" .. value2

http.request(url, success, failure, { method = "POST", headers = headers, data = data })

You could add or remove data entries as you please.

Then it’s up to your sever script to handle the data sent (it is stored in either $_POST or $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA for php, I don’t remember which one)