Would it be possible to add console.alert or something like it to Codea? Or does something like it already out there?

Have you checked my windows library?

There is assert() not sure if thats what your looking for.

Like something that pops up the ipads alert box. Like the box that asks for a password when you download an app

I’d say @Jvm38 's windows library or write one. Shouldn’t be to hard but check out the windows library it’s great.

@Jmv38 where is your windows library located at or what ever you are referring to?
I’m also interested in sending notifications to the user.

Now let me make sure I’m correct, this sends the notification to the lock screen that gives them a reminder?

No it does not send a reminder to the lock screen. That has to be added in xCode

.@speakmore you can fin my windows lib (and other things) there: