Complete Craft Texture Pack

I’ve made a complete re-skin of Craft using textures adapted from the PureBDcraft ResourcePack at

It implements every kind of block that has textures, even ones the original library didn’t.

The new projects may not show the new blocks unless you restart them several times, I don’t know why.

For now just check out the video, because the files are very large. I’ll update this thread when they’re available on WebRepo.

Update: available now on WebRepo:

@UberGoober This looks fantastic!

WebRepo currently doesn’t handle the install or launch process particularly well when the zip contains multiple projects but I’ll look into it.

It’ll probably take a while to get the install and launch process as smooth as other projects but in the meantime here’s a link to the zip file you uploaded.

@Steppers I just submitted an update that is much smaller. My original submission included a ton of extraneous stuff, and was around 40 MB too big! If you could update it to my new submission that would be much more manageable for people.

@UberGoober @Steppers - could be wrong but that initial download looked like an installation of Minecraft.

@UberGoober Thanks. I thought there was an awful lot of other stuff in there. I’ve updated the link above to the new one.

@Bri_G i accidentally left the entire PDB resource pack in the zip file, that’s why it looked like Minecraft. It’s fixed now.

@UberGoober - that explains it. Full of interesting stuff though !

@UberGoober This should now be available on WebRepo following an autoupdate to WebRepo 1.3 :smile:

It now supports multi-project bundles allowing us to include multiple Codea projects and asset packs in a single WebRepo project!

The main limitation I’m aware of is that it requires Codea to be restarted for some reason once the download completes but that’s about it.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Oh and I think the dependencies in the projects you submitted were incorrect as they still pointed to the originals so I’ve updated those too.

Codea only takes inventory of everything in it’s file structure when it launches, and then never updates that information again. Makes sense. I am sure it can be updated and streamlined. @Simeon and friends will get there

@Steppers did this ever get put on Web repo 2.0? I couldn’t find it…

@UberGoober Not just yet unfortunately. 2.0 still doesn’t support the multi-project setup but it’s on my ToDo list.

Little busy at the moment so it might be a while before I get to it.